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About Me

Sally Bee is a mother, wife, home-cook, bestselling author, TV presenter, columnist, restauranteur, cognitive behavioural counsellor, life-coach and nutritionist. Although Sally has qualifications in nutrition, cognitive behavioural counselling and patient led care NHS accredited courses, she believes her actual credibility is guided by her life experience. As a three times heart attack survivor, Sally’s philosophy for taking control of her future health and wellbeing meant that she has survived the unsuviveable.

At the age of 36, Sally suffered three heart attacks in one week caused by a rare heart condition. The doctors told her family to say goodbye as it was impossible for her to live with the devastating damage her heart had sustained. 12 years later, Sally continues to glow with health; her doctors continue to be astounded and find it difficult to explain why she is still alive, let alone in such great health. Sally knows that her methods and philosophies have saved her life, and now her passion is passing this life-saving information onto others.

Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
NHS Accredited Expert Patient
Certified Nutritional Therapy Diploma (NTEC)

Charity Roles Include:
Ambassador for Heart Research UK
Ambassador for The Patients Association
Patron for Evesham Cardiac Rehab
Fund-Raiser for SW-HEART

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