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Definition: Nutrilicious //’Nu : tri : licio : us

1.{A way of life:} To empower future health and wellbeing. 2. A Philosophy that encompasses everything that nourishes to make a better life. 3. {A combination of the above,} collated in a plate of food that is nutricious and tastes delicious. 

 The Nutrilicious Philosophy

When an illness threatens to cut your life short at a young age, life has a way of showing instant clarity.

Nutrilicious became the way I live my life, born from my life experience as someone who needs to take great care of myself along with the knowledge that life is precious and must be enjoyed.

Health is the most precious element in anyone’s life.

Eating a healthy diet is as important as medication from the doctor, fitting smoke alarms, teaching kids to cross the road safely and not talking to strangers. We can all show our family and friends how much we care by feeding them well and nourishing them with the right food. I understand that every mouthful of food has the power to give us better health. Good food nourishes us, gives us health today and tomorrow. Fresh, healthy ingredients that are balanced, health giving, and always delicious

Thinking healthy thoughts that are positive, encouraging and celebratory have a direct influence on our health. A good thought, leads to a good feeling which in turn leads to better wellbeing. I never underestimate the power of positive thinking.

Moving in a healthy way is critical, however that fits in with life. It may be going to the gym three times a week, walking to work or simply sitting up straight when driving the car and being ‘body aware’. Tuning into how our body moves and what feels good is key to finding the right kind of movement for you.

Nutrilicious is a way of life that has become a place where we can all reconnect and re-fuel, feed our mind, body and soul. Every mouthful is an indulgent treat and our thoughts and our movements work in harmony to support us being the best that we can be.

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