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After Your Heart Attack


After her first hand experience of suffering 3 heart attacks in the space of just one week, Sally has put all her life-saving hints and tips, words of wisdom and advice into one, easy to read, gentle, non-medical book for survival.

Suffering a heart attack is one of the most frightening things that can happen to you in a split second. One breath is taken, the next is lost and life is never the same again.

In this guide for survival Sally Bee, will touch a chord with anyone who has experienced a heart attack. She talks with the experience of one who has been there, not one who has only treated the effects.

Sally walks the reader, holding their hand, through the first few days, weeks and months after suffering a heart attack. She explains in simple terms what has happened and what will happen next. She addresses rest, exercise, medication and the emotional journey.

“Modern treatment for cardiac conditions has been revolutionary over the past 30 years. But in this book, Sally takes you through her experiences as a heart attack victim and as a survivor. She talks about how she dealt with the devastating news and how she returned to normal life. This story provides something that doctors cannot readily offer: the human side of illness and how to get back to normal life.”
Dr Francisco Leyva MD, FRCP, FACC
Consultant Cardiologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital


“This isn’t a ‘heavy’ book in any respect. Sally clearly understands that this is a crucial time for any heart attack survivor. The reader will come away feeling lighter and liberated about their situation, with a more positive attitude for the future. I whole-heartedly recommend this book for anyone who has suffered a heart attack, recently or in the past”
Ron Bird

“This book is a must for anyone recovering from a heart attack”
Channel 4’s Dr Dawn Harper

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