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Beelicious – NEW BOOK


Beelicious is the perfect book, for anyone wishing to open their eyes, mind, heart and soul to use food, thought and movement to improve their health and wellbeing.

This is Sally Bee’s 6th cookbook, written whilst recovering from her latest health trauma.

In Beelicious Sally shares the story of how she saved her own life through 5 heart attacks and how she continues to thrive.

Sally is the UK’s favourite healthy chef, presenting deliciously nutritional recipes and lifestyle tips to the nation. In ‘Beelicious’, Sally holds your hand through a year-long journal allowing you to add your own thoughts and achievements while measuring your intake of health-giving goodness. There are 365 positive mantras that have helped Sally through and will support you too.

The year long journal can be started on any date to suit you. The seasonal recipes are all healthy, delicious, and so simple. This is everyday healthy eating at it’s best. No fads, no fuss. Simply quick, easy, healthy and affordable recipes that everyone can enjoy.

Flexi-cover. 256 pages. 52 recipes.

Release Date June 19th 2017

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