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The Bikini Promise

The Bikini PromiseAs seen on ITV Lorraine
Shape Up For Summer – 100 Deliciously Healthy Recipes

Sally Bee’s philosophy is all about what you should eat rather than what you shouldn’t, and she sees weight loss simply as a side effect of a healthy approach to food. The Bikini Promise will feature one-pot wonders for the whole family, quick meals taking 10 minutes from start to finish, wonderful timesaving methods like making 3 meals from 1 base recipe, salads and sides packed with vitamins and minerals, plus how to treat yourself without guilt. Sally will also offer helpful hints and tips on how to keep motivated and change your approach to shopping, cooking and eating with the aim of a lifelong lifestyle change, as well as simple ideas to increase movement and show how simply changing the way you do 10 household tasks can make a vast difference to your weight-loss goal.

See Sally throughout June and July on ITV’s Lorraine Show – taking 3 viewers on their weightloss journey of a lifetime in Mauritius. Links to more of Sally’s Bikini Promise Diet will be available from June 8th.

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