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Life is pretty exciting for me right now - here's where you can find out all my latest updates
My Daily Mail Column
My Daily Mail Column

Read my Daily Mail Column for a guide to healthy living

Beelicious – Recipes & Wellness Journal

SEE OFFERS & ORDER NOW ‘Let me Explain why I’ve written this book for you. When an illness threatens to cut your life short at a young age, life becomes instantly clear. I live my life day to day and that approach is born from my own life and death experiences. I focus on good […]

Organ Donation
Sally Bee from the Heart with Christian Vit

Christian is best known on our UK screens as Italian cardiologist Matteo Rossini in Holby City, the doctor who won Jack Naylors heart…almost! And of course, we remember him on horseback in Game of Thrones. Christian Vit and I spent an afternoon playing cards and speaking from the heart. SB. How did you come to […]

ITV's Lorraine
ITV’s Lorraine

I am a healthy chef on ITV’s Lorraine show and was recently part of the team for the The Bikini Promise + One which is all about getting healthy – and weight loss is a very happy side effect of that!