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Beelicious – Recipes & Wellness Journal


‘Let me Explain why I’ve written this book for you. When an illness threatens to cut your life short at a young age, life becomes instantly clear.
I live my life day to day and that approach is born from my own life and death experiences. I focus on good food, thoughts and movements to achieve a happier and healthier life both today and tomorrow
Beelicious is a culmination of the food, thoughts and movements that have kept me going through a most difficult time. Mind, body, spirit, wellness and nutrition all working in balance for a healthier, stronger you! – Sally Bee

Beelicious Recipes & Wellness Journal offers you:
  • A year long journal that you can start anytime –
  • A daily positive mantra –
  • Room to think & write about your challenges and goals-
  • Tick boxes to track your water and veggie intake –
  • Quick, easy, healthy delicious seasonal recipes –
  • Thoughts, tools and stories to inspire and encourage –


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