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NutriliciousLocated on the first floor of the beautiful Hoar Cross Spa and Hotel, Nutrilicious combines a warm and inviting interior with unique recipes created by Sally Bee.

A guilt-free dining experience which offers delicious and decadent dishes, packed with personality. Sally has spent months designing the menu to ensure that every ingredient used offers direct health benefits. When eating at Nutrilicious, you can choose from a range of exquisite meals safe in the knowledge that everything you order will be nutritionally balanced and amazingly flavoursome.

At the age of 36, Sally Bee suffered three heart attacks in the space of a week, her recovery was nothing short of a miracle. Sally attributes much of her remarkable survival to her healthy eating plan. Sally is now renowned in the industry for helping people make positive changes to their health through what they eat.
Sally’s philosophy about food is very simple.

Nutrilicious“It is the only thing that can give us our health. But food is what makes us what we are. The food we eat affects our energy levels and our sleep patterns. It affects how happy we feel and how well we cope with things, it also affects the way we look – our hair and our skin.

Every dish on our menu is made with your good health in mind. So no need to feel guilty about any of our dishes. Enjoy, eat up and feel great”

About Nutrilicious

Open daily 7.30am to 9pm

Join us for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Please note that reservations can be taken for non-residents.

Fresh ingredients, nutritious food – entirely ‘clean’ food, free from chemicals, refined sugar, additives and preservatives

NutriliciousSeasonal menus, original recipes

A homely and laid back environment with a calming colour palette and comfortable seating

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To book a table
Call: 01283 576577

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