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Urgent Delivery – Heart in a Box

Today in the UK 3 people have died while waiting for an organ donation. Tomorrow 3 more people will die… and the next day. These are deaths that could easily be prevented.

Could you imagine for a moment, not knowing whether your next breath will come?

What if you were watching your child, sibling, husband or wife and waiting for their next breath to come.

Organ Donation saves lives…but we don’t have enough organs!

50 years ago in December 1967, the worlds first heart transplant took place.

Since then, science and medicine has come such a long way. Surgeons sweat blood and tears to save lives but every life saved is tainted by a memory of all the lives that were lost. Of those who didn’t get their gift of life in time. 3 people died today in the UK waiting for a transplant….and 3 will die tomorrow…. and the next day. These are deaths that can be prevented.

My mission , as I contemplate my future health, is to raise awareness, educate and guide the nation to a new way of approaching organ donation, which will mean, more lives are saved.

Urgent Delivery – Heart in a Box is an authored campaigning documentary that is already in production.

We are working to raise the extra funds needed to complete production and distribute the film to largest audience possible.

If you would like to help make a big, life saving difference, please look at the link below, donate if you are able and pass onto as many people in your circles as you can.


  • Update at 20th September:
  • We have been funding ‘Urgent Delivery’ ourselves up until this point, but now need to complete the project with expertise that we can’t provide.
  • We need £20,000 to complete and distribute the documentary. Distribution is key so that it gets seen by as many people as possible.
  • We are hoping to raise £10,000 through our crowdfunding site. Currently we are at £1665.00
  • On the crowd funding site we have wonderful Rewards for each pledge made.
  • The final £10,000 we are hoping to raise through corporate sponsors – can you or your company help with this?

Can you share via Facebook, Twitter, Emails to family/friends/colleagues/suppliers/work contacts. Are you members of any groups or clubs? Do you have a fund raising department at your place of work?

At the end of the project, any monies left over from those raised, and any monies earned by selling the documentary will go to Heart Research UK.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sally Bee x

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