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A couple of summers ago, the hair loss I had been experiencing for a few years, suddenly escalated and I could hide it no more.

I had a couple of large, completely bald patches on my head and the hair that I did have was growing abnormally, almost zig-zag in structure. I decided that I needed help so went to see a dermatologist who specialised in scalp conditions. The news wasn’t great. It was thought that my alopecia was caused by the medication I took for my heart condition and I was told that it wouldn’t grow back.

It was a very big struggle, emotionally, but my turning point came when I visited the Trendco Salon in Birmingham. I had decided that I would like to try a few wigs on, and up until that point, I visited some fashion wig high street stores but was overwhelmed by the vast array of variety. Once I stepped into the Trendco store, it was clear I was in the best place. I spent 2 hours with the Naomi and Julia, who had patience in abundance  They explained everything I needed to know. Wig types, hair types, cap types, how to care for the hair underneath that I had left. Above all they helped me feel like me again, and when I walked out of the salon, wearing my new wig, I felt so happy I could have done a Dorothy heel click in the air in red shoes!

Trendco have salons around the country and can meet all your hair-loss needs. So what ever your situation, please don’t despair, help is on hand.

Please visit them HERE for more information.

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