10 lbs lost in 3 weeks

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When I launched Being The Best You Members Club, it wasn’t particularly focused on weightloss, it was much more about getting happy, confident and banishing anxiety to be able to live life to the full.

The club was all borne out of the need for me to get my life back on track after my 4th and 5th heart attacks. I felt that life was dark and bleak with no future on the horizon.

Living with a potentially fatal heart condition can obviously cause depression and anxiety and I realised that I had to do a little bit of work first thing in the morning to change my mindset, otherwise everyday would be tough and I knew that life was too short to waste in that way.

So I started to do small things, baby steps to help me get through each day.

Positivity Shower

The first was a positivity shower. I would imagine the water in my morning shower was covering me in positivity and washing away all my negative thoughts (sounds crazy I know!) but it actually worked. After my positivity shower each morning, I felt better able to face the day and whatever challenges it would throw at me.

Happy Thinking

I also realised that although, we as human beings are clever, we are not so clever that we are able to feel two emotions at once. We can only experience one emotion or one feeling at a time. So when I had a fearful thought enter my head and threaten to overtake me (otherwise know as anxiety) I developed a way of picturing that fearful thought in a bubble in my head, popping it with big sharp stick and replacing the thought with a happy one! Almost physically replacing the thought…I now talk my followers through this method regularly and they report a huge decrease in their anxiety, and uplift in their mood without medication which is wonderful.

Motion Causes Emotion

Many people use outside influences such as food, alcohol, drugs or tobacco to change their ‘state’. I teach how to get the same (but of course healthier) effect by simply changing your stature. I get my members to stand up straight, push their shoulders back, tense their muscles, look up towards the sky, take a deep breath…..by doing this simple small set of movements, endorphins are released, they whizz around your body and you get that feel-good-feeling. I get people to do this when they are making poor choices in their life, it helps them change their life habits – By changing their stature and their motion, they are changing their emotions and this is more addictive than anything else!

Finding Your 6 o’clock

I picture life as a round clock face. You are born just after 12 o’clock and between 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock, you are an infant, learning, growing, exploring. From 3 o’clock to almost 6 o’clock are your formative years, teenage and twenties. This is the time that we make most of our mistakes, some that stay with us, or threaten to stay with us for life.

So I talk about finding your 6 o’clock or 6.35 – because this is the time in our life when we properly wake up! This is when we are able to look back on the past half of our clock and appreciate what we have learnt, appreciate that we have made mistakes, but make a conscious decision that we are now entering the second, most exciting phase of the clock face and we are going to make changes, not look back with any guilt, be pro-actively positive and make our lives the best they can be. Visualisation in this way works brilliantly – everyone loves it.

#365Days of Positivity

Everyday I post a short video with my positive mantra for the day. My followers love it, but I think I love it more! It’s a short time, set aside each day, to focus on the positives of life – I know that is sometimes hard to do, but it works!

Once people started joining me on my journey of #365Days of Positivity, they were telling me how they had lost weight, come off statins because their cholesterol had lowered, stopped taking anxiety medication etc etc. It became increasingly apparent that my focusing on getting happier to get through each day, was having a truly physical life changing, and sometimes life saving, effect  on my lovely members.

So we have proof that smiling makes you slimmer!

(I’m thrilled with my 10lbs weight loss in 3 weeks)

Positivity is the best medicine!

You can change your life by changing your thoughts!

And as we all know, with health we can have everything and without it we have nothing.

I have a very unstable heart condition and am also prone to strokes and aneurisms – but I would genuinely tell you that my life is better since I’ve had these problems than before. Life is good – it has to be!

Come and join us so you can

‘Be The Best You’