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You will recognise Chizzy’s huge, infectious smile from Loose Women and Holby City.

I was delighted to spent a couple of hours with Chizzy in Regents Park, chatting about love, life, the universe and coping with depression.

When I’m coaching and supporting others who suffer from depression or anxiety, it is clear to me that many people think they are alone in their suffering. We all perhaps look at other peoples lives and wonder how they manage it? How can other people seem so ‘together’ when I feel that my life is falling apart? If only I could be like that person, my life would be better…

Does that ring bells for you?

The truth is many people suffer in exactly the same way as you, but they are maybe better at putting on a brave face! That is a skill but not the answer.

Take a seat for 5 minutes and watch my chat with Chizzy. You’ll see that her humour became her armour, as often happens – She found it easier to smile and say everything is OK, rather than be truthful about her feelings.

Chizzy now speaks openly about her depression, She see’s a therapist and takes medication, as do I.
Thank you Chizzy. SB xx