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I'm passionate about my work as a health and emotional well-being coach, knowing that I can guide you through the maze of life, ensuring you have space to breathe, think, feel, learn, try and eventually find your path to achieving your personal emotional, health and well-being life goals.

With health we have everything, without it, we have nothing.

Please contact my team to find out about:

  • Daily inspirational videos via branded App for your teams

  • Live events

  • In-house corporate coaching

  • One-2-one coaching


The Life Support Cafe is a brilliant, new concept of pop-up masterclasses, presentations and coaching sessions to inspire, elevate and strengthen your teams, your employees, your group or you individually.


We are not in competition with any ongoing coaching you have in place, but we are a very important addition. 


Think of us as the cream in your coffee, the cherry on your cake, the extra scoop of ice-cream with your sticky toffee pudding...the extra that makes all the difference!


You can do it without us, but everything tastes so much better and happens so much easier with us.

So,  however you need help in these precarious times; support, coaching, mentoring or whatever else you'd like to call it, The Life Support Cafe is here for you



Whether to an intimate audience of 10 over lunch, or 10,000 in a stadium, I love to speak.

Contact my team to discuss your requirements.


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