Dressing For Confidence!

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Do you recognise anyone in the picture above?
You might guess from the shoulder pads that this was taken back in the 80’s!
I used to model for catalogues like Grattan and Littlewoods – do you remember those?

I think you can just see that the jacket I was wearing was only £24.99. What a bargain!
Oh and that hair! Yes, perms were a thing!

This picture really makes me smile – I know that during this photo shoot I felt fabulous, feminine but FREEZING! I was about 21 years old and this shoot took place in a huge, freezing cold stately home in Cheshire. There was no power, so we had to get our hair and make-up done at a Little Chef down the road. I can remember the hair stylist doing my hair crouched under the hand dryer in the ladies. Who-ever thought modelling was glamorous, should have a spent a little more time with me!

80’s fashion was all about BIG. BIG shoulders, BIG hair, BIG jewellery. I felt confident in the clothes that I wore, my clothes were often designed to make me look older than I was, (I wanted to look sophisticated like the ladies in ‘Dallas’!) But I could just as easily wear young-fashion, jeans and t-shirts, mini skirts and long boots.

I can remember that I had my first major ‘Crisis in fashion’ when I hit 40.
I suddenly felt that I didn’t know what my ‘uniform’ was supposed to be. Could I still get away with styles that I wore in my 20’s or should I be dressing more like my mum??!!
Now in 2019, I’m 51 and find myself struggling again. Like so many of us, I find myself wearing large baggy clothes to hide my curves.

Yet again I find myself in a ‘Fashion Crisis’
Luckily now I have help!

Thank you Phill Tarling – you are a genius!

We are having a Being The Best You Fashion Week.
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