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Finding Your Tribe

Extract from 'Don't Go Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly'

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"People come into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime.

The beauty of good friendships is that you can be yourself. But remember this, there are different facets to being you. You have an adventurous side and a quiet, reflective side. You will sometimes find everything funny and at other times, you are filled with melancholy. Appreciate that your friends, just like you, are also complex and multi-faceted.

Wonderful friendships develop when you find the right tribe at the right time.

When I was an at-home mum with three little ones, I had a group of won- derful girlfriends who were in the same position as me. We spent day after day together with all the kids, chatting, cooking, playing, and planning. We became each other’s lifelines at a time when our needs came way behind those of our little families.

Now, our children have all grown, and this group of friends has drifted apart a little. Not because we fell out or moved to another country but because our interests changed, our glue melted and we have all accepted that life moves on.

My children don’t rely on me for their happiness and wellbeing anymore, so I now have time to spend on myself. This also means I can choose which tribes I need for different reasons.


My advice to you is this; make sure you are with the right tribe at the right time. Part of this is understanding which time on the clock face (page 88) you are currently travelling through. Be thoughtful about the people that help you feel energised and uplifted and recognise those who are holding you back.

The Breakfast Club is a group of women who inspire me and feed my soul. I don’t know the family history of these women and that’s not important. We get together because we all need and enjoy mental stimulation, listening to different life views and experiences. We don’t talk about the mundane, we don’t talk so much about our partners or our children, we talk about bigger picture stuff. I come out of these gatherings, with my mind alive, and my thirst for knowledge heightened. They encourage me to read different books and travel to new places. I love to be surrounded by people who live a different kind of life to me.


But at other times, I need my lifelong friends..."

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