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With actress Chizzy Akudolu – always good to have a Holby City Cardiologist on hand!

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All work and no play makes us all a bit sad!

If you have an opportunity to go out, let your hair down and have some fun – grab it. But what if you suffer social anxiety?

Those of us who suffer anxiety or chronic illness can put off going to parties because of social fears or the thought of tiredness and fatigue. Think about taking a close friend with you who will stay by your side until you feel confident to move around the event by yourself. I hate walking into places by myself, so I always arrange to arrive with someone. And I usually begin my evening by saying to the host “I’m really looking forward to tonight, but I do get very tired, so if I slip off later without saying goodbye – don’t be offended – I know I’ll have had a lovely time!”

Coping Strategies

Having a planned strategy ready, really can help you dim down your anxiety. I love going out but get so tired very quickly, so I ALWAYS have my exit planned. Having a taxi pre-booked, means I can relax abut getting home at my desired time.

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