Happiness Is Life-saving!

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So next week I’m off on a little trip to New York. I’m getting to see my handsome, amazing nephew get married to his completely gorgeous bride, and I have some work meetings and press interviews lined up too.

Ahead of one of my interviews, a journalist asked me a few questions over the phone..

“Why do you do what you do?”
“erm…you mean cook?”
“No, why do you post a video every morning?….it must be a chore by now. When will you run out of things to say do you think? When will you stop?
“erm….when I’m dead!”

So, I felt I needed to explain to this young journalist that this isn’t a job for me, it’s become my way of life. I suggested the question should be,
“What do you do when you’ve suffered 5 heart attacks and you live with a potentially fatal heart condition which in turn causes anxiety and depression?”

And this was my reply.

“Well, you start an online magazine to help others with similar issues of course and you give them a message each morning which hopefully makes their day just a little bit better.

This all started for me just over a year ago. I was getting over my 4th and 5th heart attacks and really struggling to remain positive. I knew my chances of survival were greater if I could get my head into a healthier place, but I was exhausted physically, my heart had suffered another massive amount of damage and truthfully, I just wanted to hide away and go to sleep… forever.
It was a really big struggle to find the strength to pick myself up AGAIN, but I knew I had to do it. I’m a mum to 3 kids, I have to be there for them!

So I started to take control of my state of mind. I would take 10 minutes to myself in the morning to get my mind set to ‘positive’. It sounds crazy, but I would step in the shower each morning and as the water washed over me, I would picture the water being laced with positivity – washing all negativity away. I also took control of my negative thoughts which overwhelmed me at times. For obvious reasons I was afraid I was going to die at any moment. And although that is a truthful fact, I can’t waste my life thinking that way. As humans we have evolved incredibly, but I realised that none of us are clever enough to feel two emotions at the same time! So when I had overwhelming negative thoughts, I would make myself think of and focus on something that made me happy, and I’d use that thought to punch the negative ones out of the way. It worked! It is impossible to feel sad when you are thinking happy thoughts!

It gave me a reason to get up every morning and it was another trick to ensure, in my mind, that I would still be alive in a years time. I had to be, I had promised to do #365days of positivity and I couldn’t let everyone down.

‘From The Heart’ Magazine is unique – it’s a magazine that will build and grow daily along with my journey through life and the journey of those who follow me. I hate the online version of bragging! It’s not real when people only post things that make their lives look amazing, when the truth is, we all have down days, we all have days that we struggle to get out of bed, and that’s OK, that’s normal and that’s what I show. Some days I am in a TV studio or at a star studded party, other days I am lying in bed, with no make-up on, explaining how tired I feel and how I need to rest. This is real life, without the gloss. And by sharing my journey and my thoughts on how I make each day the best it can be, it helps others get through their day too.’

My favourite mantra is:
‘Everyday above ground is a great day!’


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