Sally Bee

Health & Wellness Coach for Companies


I didn’t suffer 5 heart attacks, I survived 5 heart attacks.

Since I closed my eyes and took what should have been my last breath – I realised that every thought, every mouthful and every movement I made had an effect on my mental, emotional and physical health, today and tomorrow. My life became happier, healthier and richer in all areas and I’ve been helping others harness their best life ever since. It’s just what I do, because life really is too short and we were designed to feel good and be filled with energy and vitality – but sometimes, we lose sight of that.

I lead by supporting Mental Health:

  • Coping with depression and anxiety
  • Recognising, managing and preventing stress
  • Getting out of the downward spiral
  • Keeping momentum in the upward spiral
  • Don’t be fearful of fear – use it
  • Self Doubt
  • Achieving 100% rest
  • Trusting your instincts and on…and on.

Following the initial mental health support comes support in the next areas:

  • Physical Health and Wellbeing
    • Nutrition. Weightloss. Weight Gain.
    • Better sleep
    • Movement.
    • Working from home
    • Medical assessments (with doctor/nurse)
    • Coping with illness and fatigue

These sessions lead into:

  • Emotional health, depression, anxiety and stress
  • Career health
  • Financial health

The most important thing is the result; the quality of the life, health and wellbeing of the clients that I support, will immeasurably improve.

How it works

Rather than working to a strict format, I work on intuition with a brilliant toolbox in my pocket.


Large Group Sessions

  • Suitable for 15-250 people
  • Live event or via Google Teams.
  • Session time 1 hour

Delegates will experience an oversight session which gives them an inspirational insight into small changes they can make to start improving their health and wellbeing. This session is entertaining, informative and inspiring. It will highlight areas that need attention and will awaken the idea of taking control of future health and whet appetites to learn more.

After completion, delegates are invited to fill in a questionnaire to identify any particular areas they would like help with.

They can then be invited to Small Group Sessions or 1:1 sessions, which ever is most appropriate.


Small Group Sessions

  • Suitable for 5 – 15 people.
  • Live event or via Google Teams.
  • Session time 1 hour.
  • 6 x sessions required per group

Delegates are grouped together depending on their challenging areas as identified in the questionnaire.

Together we work through the mental health programme in a more direct way, leading onto physical wellbeing. This works in a very organic way, giving the support that is needed to ensure the best results for each individual.


1:1 Sessions

  • Session time: no limit
  • Face to face, video call or telephone call. WhatsApp messaging available

Valuable, life changing, often saying what others can’t or won’t. Usually taken in confidence to help clients with specific challenging areas in their personal, health and professional lives.

P.O.A. Contact assistant to Sally Bee:

Self Care Project

During the Self Care Project, we are offering some free services to groups or teams that need a little extra help with their health and wellbeing during these difficult times.

Please contact for more information.