Life Goes On

Of course I wish I had not suffered my heart attacks and I wish that I didn’t have the ongoing health problems that I do. But having said that, I cannot honestly say that my life is worse because this has happened to me, in fact I would have to admit that I think it’s better.  My life is meaningful and I absolutely make the best of every opportunity that comes my way.

I won’t lie to you, its not all a bed of roses and I do have my down days still, but I manage them.

Besides having a slightly wonky ticker, I am fit and well. I eat a great diet that looks after the whole of my body, not just my heart. I move around energetically, sometimes like a mad woman – other people might call this exercise! I enjoy wonderful rest and really take time to feel the wind on my face.

I have a coping strategy that saved my sanity when I was worrying about dying. I always have something wonderful planned in the future. It might be a simple thing like a movie and popcorn afternoon planned with the children or a full-blown Bee family party. Whatever it is, I picture myself there and know beyond any doubt that I will indeed be there. So during the lead up, I don’t worry that I’m going to die….I can’t possibly, I haven’t got time! This means that my family and I fall from one lovely little event to the next, making the most of them all.

I hope that you will be offered Heart Rehabilitation classes. These are specialist exercise classes that are led by heart nurses and physiotherapists to help you get your confidence back in your body and what it is capable of. You will also learn about your medication, healthy eating and much more, so I strongly recommend that you join up if offered.

So, I wish you well. I hope the thoughts I have shared with you will help a little. Try to look to the future. Take all the help that is offered and know that you will get better.

Love from Sally Bee xxx