Welcome to the KardiaMobile Heart Hub

Welcome to the KardiaMobile Heart Hub.

Otherwise known as the heart hug!

When anyone suffers from a heart attack, a heart diagnosis or is caring from some who is affected, the first thing they do is hop onto the internet and Google their condition. Knowledge is certainly power, however emotional support is, in my opinion, the top priority to help you today.

I am a 5 times heart attack survivor, so I talk to you from a position of experience. I understand that because you’ve had a trauma to your heart, it plays with your head. With the best will in the world, anyone that hasn’t been affected directly by poor heart health, will not fully understand your fears right now.

I do.

I walk the same path as you everyday.

So, the Heart Hub is here to hold your hand on your heart journey.

The Heart Hub is here for your emotional support.

“Never fly faster than your guardian angel can fly”.

Jill Howick. (Sally’s Mum)
KardiaMobile has changed my life. If you have a heart condition, find out how it can give you that invaluable peace of mind, we all search for. Sally Bee
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