Peace of mind in your pocket

KardiaMobile allows you to take a medical-grade ECG anytime, anywhere. In just 30 seconds, it detects Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, Tachycardia or a normal heart rhythm.


ECG on the go

Take unlimited recordings, whenever you feel a symptom – anytime, anywhere. No subscription required.

Trusted by doctors

CE-marked, FDA-cleared, medical grade technology. In 30 seconds, detect Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, Tachycardia or Normal Heart Rhythm.

Easy to use

Simply place your fingers on the sensors – no wires, patches or gels required.


Works with most smartphones and tablets, and fits in your pocket. See compatible devices at www.kardiamobile.co.uk

“As a heart patient, I know that sometimes my heart is trying to tell me something – but although it’s my heart, I find it difficult to interpret the message and understand what it means for me. Of course my heart never misbehaves when I want it to; at the doctors office. It waits until it is dark and I’m alone. It catches me unaware and it frightens me.

Since I’ve had my KardiaMobile by my side, life has become a lot less frightening. Now when my heart decides to misbehave, I’m ready for it, I can capture, record and get an expert to interpret the recording. Yes, KardiaMobile is a life-saving device, but to me it’s even more than that. I was lucky that my heart condition didn’t give me a death sentence, but for a while I was trapped in a life sentence and now I have freedom to live properly again.

I recommend KardiaMobile to anyone living with a heart condition who wants to have more control over their symptoms and have the ability to record strange rhythms and feelings to show directly to their cardiologist. Women going through hormone changes, particularly menopause will also greatly benefit from having a KardiaMobile to capture those horrible bursts of palpitations, that are so often a side effect of menopause. 

KardiaMobile takes out all the guess work and enables you and your doctor to deal with the facts.

KardiaMobile cannot predict a heart attack, but it can record a medical grade ECG in your home and capture your symptoms in a way that your doctor or cardiologist will happily accept and be able to interpret”

Sally Bee