‘Kindness’ may not be sexy, glamorous, controversial or in-fashion but it is proven to be life-saving

Sally Bee has survived 5 heart attacks and lives with the knowledge that her very rare condition could cause another heart attack, stroke or aneurysm at any time.

Living life looking down the barrel of a gun daily, has a way of focussing your mind to truly understand the best way to live a better life. Being The Best You is a support and treatment programme like no other. It was borne out of the need for consistent daily support for ladies who have come on a journey and want to regain their confidence, their body and their sense of self

Some members have come through cancer, menopause, heart attacks, addiction, abuse, self harm – others simply felt a little lost and lonely and love the friendship.

A happy side-effect of #BTBY for the majority of members has been easy to achieve weight loss and a return to better health.

This is a little taster of what we do