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Being The Best You is a unique members treatment and support club. My ladies share their highs and lows of life and together we support, encourage and empower each other to Be The Best Us.

It’s never a competition, everything is done with kindness and love.

That’s why I was so delighted when some of my members shared their love stories. 

Together we celebrate happy moments and gorgeous relationships.

Those who may be struggling at the moment, I hope this brings you encouragement. SB xxx

Ann Galloways Love Story


Hello Ladies 👋 thought I’d share with you the story of how I met my husband 🤵. It’s a bit of a long story but (even though I say so myself) it’s a rather lovely little tale and shows how if you really want something you should grab it with both hands 🤯 so………….
I was living in West Sussex & life was dreadful – I was being bullied at work and my partner (Tom – who I’d lived with for 17 years but never married) showed me no compassion or interest at all – in short I wanted to be dead and in my head was planning my last days (but would most likely not been brave enough). Tom and I lived pretty separate lives – we hadn’t shared a bed for around 7 years and has separate bedrooms.
After one particularly dreadful day at the hands of the bullies at work and dreading going home I got on the bus (700 Portsmouth to Brighton) and there he was ……the driver……I took one look at him and his little smile warmed my heart that second in time changed my whole life – suddenly I wanted to live to get to know this man…..for the next 5 or 6 months I virtually stalked him – I’d get to the bus stop an hour early and wait until the very last moment in case it was him driving, on days off I would buy a day ticket and ride the buses of Sussex in the hope of “bumping” into him (sometimes lucky sometimes not 😥). On the “lucky days” we’d chat and joke – I’d tell him where I was going that evening and what I’d be wearing etc hoping he’d take the hint and be there (by this time I knew he was going through a messy divorce and had 3 kiddies).
Then one morning (1st March – St David’s Day – weird because he’s Welsh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿) I got on the bus and it was him driving it – I thought “bugger this for a game of soldiers” and I wrote a little note saying “I really really like you” and included my phone number as I got off the bus I almost threw the note at him and mumbled “text me sometime” and ran to work!!!!
By the time I got there I had a text saying “yes I like you too” 😜 we text every opportunity we could during that day and arranged to meet the next day on our breaks. The next day we met along the sea front and by the time I got back to work I knew that I’d met the missing part of the jigsaw puzzle that was my life – I went home that night and told Tom that I was leaving him – that I’d met a man that I wanted to marry 👰 of course he cried, swore undying love, was going to change etc etc but I knew I had to follow my heart. I rented a beautiful little flat right on the seafront by the pier – Mike moved in with me (then left me, then moved back, then left me again and moved back again) finally we settled – it wasn’t easy, we both had “baggage” but we worked really hard together and 9 months later made the move to Wales and brought a little home of our own. We got married in 2013 👰🤵 and although life often chucks curve balls our way we get through it 💗
So there we are – that’s it. I’m sorry if I’ve bored you beyond belief 😴 it’s our little love story and if inspires just one person to follow their heart then it’s been worth sharing 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 thanks for listening xxx


Jane Smiths Love Story



Inspired by Anns story….a lot of our ladies know my “story” but don’t think I mentioned my “love story”

In 1991 during the Gulf war I joined the Royal Naval Reserves in Glasgow. I was sent to Plymouth to do 2 week intensive training at HMS Raleigh.

It was in Plymouth I met my husband, Matthew.

He lived in London & had joined the London branch of the Reserves and was in my group in Plymouth.

He was very posh, public school boy & when he was made the groups class leader & I was made deputy class leader I was horrified as I was the only Scottish person in group of 14 and felt when I spoke had heather coming out my ears🤪

Unbeknown to me Matthew said the first time I spoke he knew I was going to be his wife.

Whilst at HMS Raleigh we camped overnight after an 18 mile hike in Dartmoor. 
I couldn’t open my stupid billy food can, so Matthew cooked me my first meal and we shared it around a camp fire. 
We then had to patrol the camp at 2am. Our first evening stroll…

We commuted back & forward from London to Glasgow for 2 years.

Matthew then moved to Scotland and we lived together in various places in Scotland before settling in Edinburgh in 2001 and got married in Dec 2001.

We had 24 precious years together, soul mate, best friend,lover, funniest person I’ve ever met.

Unfortunately my story does not have a happy ending, in 2015 aged just 43 he passed away having suffered ill health due to multiple pulmonary emboli on both lungs, then cause of the pain he was in, he succumbed to the demon drink, not even 2 eight week stints in private residential care could help. The day he died he was fine I just said you look a bit grey are u ok. That was my last words to him. He slipped into a coma at home and died that same day.

4.5 years on I can talk about this, still makes me teary, I know that will never change but with Sally’s help I am moving on and can see you positive things in life.

Onwards and upwards. We are all here for such a short time🌈🌼


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