I know just how important it is to know your numbers and make the necessary lifestyle changes to keep them all at healthy levels.

So make sure you know your weight, your cholesterol and your blood pressure. More than 1 in 4 or us in the UK are suffering from high blood pressure but many of us don’t realise.

What can you do to keep a check on your blood pressure

Reducing dietary salt is one of then most important modifiable risk factors for high blood pressure.

The recommended daily intake of salt is 6g per day. Current results show we are consuming just over 8g per day, so we have a way to go.

As a passionate foodie and cook, I know how a little salt is sometimes helpful in bringing out the delicious flavours of healthy ingredients, but with the issue of high blood pressure in the UK on the rise, it’s important to remember that continuously cooking with salt can create health problems. Using reduced sodium alternatives like LoSalt means I can continue to develop delicious tasting recipes without the guilt. I can use it in exactly the same way as regular salt – whether it’s for seasoning, cooking or baking.”


Sally Bee. LoSalt Cod & Pea Shuka
Sally Bee. LoSalt Tabbouleh
Sally Bee – LoSalt Scrummy Rooster Slices
Sally Bee. LoSalt Paprika Wedges
Sally Bee. LoSalt Spanish Potatoes
Sally Bee. LoSalt Breakfast Roast
Sally Bee. LoSalt Carrot Soup
Sally Bee. LoSalt Roast Cauliflower