Albert Bartlett

The most natural, tasty, healthy, affordable food that I love!

I realised very early on that the food I ate affected my health – when I feed my body with good nutrients, it reacts in a positive way. This knowledge is so empowering: making good (and often simple) food choices helps reduce risk, building us a good physical insurance policy should we experience any health problems in the future.

Working With Albert Bartlett
I believe that every member of every family deserves to eat a healthy, easy and affordable diet.
Potatoes have had a bad press in the past, but I love them!
Potatoes are full of natural vitamins, minerals and fibre. Obviously I’m not talking about fried potatoes, but cooked in every other way, they are health giving, filling and are one of the healthiest ways to eat your non-processed carbohydrates. 
Albert Bartlett is a family company which has been picking, packing and processing the finest produce since 1948, so they know a thing or two about this versatile vegetable

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