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Fiona Lambert - Inspiring YOU Video

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Calling all future fashionistas or business women!

This interview is with Fiona Lambert, Managing Director for Jaeger at Marks and Spencer. Fiona is at the very top of her business and is regarded with huge respect for her knowledge, experience and success.

The video is well worth a watch as Fiona has some wonderful advice on simply having the confidence to be the best YOU!

Fiona has very kindly offered to support Project Empower with 2 hours personal mentoring. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone aiming to succeed in the fashion business world.

If you would like to apply for one of Fiona's mentoring sessions, please message us with some information about yourself via this group.

Please pass this to anyone you know will be interested.

And ladies, whether or not you have aspirations in the fashion industry, Fiona speaks such sense for us all; Have confidence in YOU and YOUR skills. SB x

Join Project Empower HERE

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