Getting positive in the shower!

If you want your life to be better you need to be more positive.

Yep, the answer to a better life is as simple as that.

Any philosopher will tell you, and I am always harping on about this, you cannot control what happens around you, the only thing you can control is how you react to it.

There we go, life sorted.

Ha! If only it was as easy as that.

When you are struggling with life, it’s really difficult to become that positive person that you hope is hiding somewhere deep down inside.

You’ll see people who seem to simply and easily breeze through life, always happy and smiling and getting what they want. They are that positive person you want to be.

But, it’s easy to be positive when you are positive. Does that make sense?

It’s like it’s easy to make money when you have some money, because then you can invest and take a few risks to make some more. But if your pot is almost empty, you can’t take brave actions to fill it up, because you literally need every penny to survive. You can’t take any risks.

And actually that’s the same with positivity too. If you want to be the positive person of which you’ve seen glimpses, you need to invest and take a few chances which can be scary when you don’t have deep reserves. And you probably feel like you want to protect any shreds of positivity you have, because that’s all you have.

But you have to trust me when I tell you that holding back your positivity out of fear is not the right approach.

If you want an abundance of positivity in your life, you need to feed it, daily. Nuture, love and grow it, so that it can become the strongest part of your personality.

How do I know that having positivity will change your life?

Because positivity saved mine, and continues to be the driving force behind every breath I take today. Not only did having a positive mindset save my life, it now helps make every day that I live, better.

You have a choice.

You can’t change where you were born or who you were borne too. You can’t change what up bringing you had or your chemistry or genes that have given you cancer or heart disease.

But you can choose what kind of life you live.

You can choose how you react to everything that happens in your life and around it.

In times of crisis if you can find the positives, they will be the gifts that change your life.

Welcome to my world.

At the risk of being too personal, I’m going to share with you one method I use every morning to enhance and nuture my positivity.

The Positivity Shower!

My natural ‘default’ setting each morning when I wake up is one tinged with depression and worry, usually about my health….”is today the day, when it all goes wrong again?”….

I could let that mindset rule my life, but everyday I choose not too.

Of course I can’t change my health history, nor can I change the depressive part of my brain that shares space in my head, but my approach, my feelings and my positivity I certainly can change.

I take at least 10 minutes ‘me’ time in the shower each morning. I let the water wash over me and imagine it to be filled with positivity and happy thoughts, it washes away my fear and my negative thoughts. I change the way I think in a very deliberate way. I picture my fearful thoughts being washed down the plug to be replaced by thoughts that make me smile, happy, feel light, trouble free and positive.

As human beings we are very clever – but not so clever that we can feel two emotions at once. If you are wondering what you are feeling, focus on what you’re thinking. They are the same thing. So to change how you feel, literally wash away the thoughts that are bringing you down and replace them with positive thoughts – which in turn will help boost your positivity tank and once you’ve got the first drips of positivity taking hold, its easier to invest in more!

SB x

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