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Darling, this project is for you, your daughter, your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, your wife. This is for the woman you hear crying next door, the friend who is stronger than she believes. This is for the girl that you once were and the woman that you will become. This is for your future child and for your long since gone grandmother. 

Please join me on a journey to share with girls and women around the globe, the important life lessons that we have all learnt along the way. 

You might not be ready to hear some of this, you may already know plenty, but I hope that it will awaken your female soul, inspire your bravery and boldness, help you understand just how wonderful you are and be your guide in both difficult and wonderful times.

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The aim is simply pass on messages and stories that reach out, join hands and offer friendship and support to
1 million girls and women around the globe.
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Kicking Off Very Soon!