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Project Empower Mission Statement

To build a global community of women and girls who offer a hand of kindness, support, safety, education and inspiration to other women and girls in their community, no matter what their situation; to help each woman and girl realise their potential, to be seen and be heard and celebrate together all the stories of hope, and to pass that learning onto the next.


Through a programme of mentorships, specialist video coaching sessions, one-2-one coaching sessions and both online and live events; Project Empower pledges to reach at least 1 million girls and women around the globe​ to believe in their strength, adventure and ambition.

The Aims

  • To build a positive, uplifting, empowering and hands-on community of girls and women that proudly and openly support other girls and women giving everyone an opportunity to be heard and seen - and share their stories.

  • To understand that not every girl/woman has a role model or support at the time in their life they most need it.

  • To ensure that every girl/woman has the life opportunities and support they desire no matter what their upbringing, life situation or age.

  • To promote and celebrate every mentorship outcome, and encourage more to join the movement.


  • Project Empower is accessed via a private Facebook group HERE

  • Project Empower will begin with a team of inspirational mentors from all walks of life who are prepared to commit to giving 2 hours support, in the way that suits them best.

  • Each girl or woman that receives mentorship, must also commit to supporting others for 2 hours in the way that suits them best.

  • All events, coaching sessions and mentorships will be shared and promoted via social media to grow the network of mentors and mentees and with the aim of building awareness and marketing collateral.

  • Project Empower will develop a robust marketing strategy and invite selected ‘celebrities’ to celebrate each milestone - "we have reached 100 mentors, 500 mentors, 1000, 10,000 etc"


  • UK and Global

  • We are looking for ambassadors and to attend and arrange events worldwide. Please contact us HERE


  • Because we can 

  • And we will

  • Everyone needs a sister 

Get Involved Personally

  • If you have lived, loved and learnt, grown, experienced, survived; perhaps you have been supported along the way, this is your chance to give back to other girls and women, so please do consider getting involved.

  • We need you to share your experience, guidance and inspiration in your career, your health, your education, your friendships, in your life.

  • In return, we promise to provide a platform and audience for your voice and celebrate and promote your input.

  • Whether we ask you to take part in an online live career event, an in-person gathering or a mentoring collaboration, we promise that we will never take more than 2 hours of your very precious time. 

Get Involved - Corporate

  • Come and collaborate with us to promote your company or brand to girls and women globally.

  • Your company or brand may like to sponsor a live online coaching session.

  • Your company or brand may like to offer a career collaboration or work experience.

  • Your company or brand may like to sponsor an in-person event.

  • Your company or brand may like to sponsor a girl or woman in her journey.

  • After launch, we will be able to share statistics for your information and we are open to all enquiries or ideas.

Apply to become a mentor

This project needs support from you to build our host of mentors to begin the domino effect.

Maybe you would like to volunteer your hand?


We will be looking for specific mentors in all areas including business, creativity, emotional wellbeing, finance, publishing, travel, social media. Also please think about your family members, your daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, this is a project to help all girls and women 15 years to 105 years. 

Apply to become a mentor
How did you hear about us?
In what subject could you mentor another?

Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you soon.

A personal note:

I consider myself to be the luckiest woman alive. I live my life with passion and excitement, I am surrounded by kindness and positivity and I enjoy a career that supports and enriches me. But it hasn't always been that way.

I've struggled with health issues, and continue to face serious health challenges; lack of confidence and mental health has been a constant struggle and loss and upset have at times overwhelmed me (and still does) At each of these stages in my life I am blessed to be supported. I have my people, my sisters...not blood related but as good as.

Every girl and woman goes through difficult times but not all of them will have their own sister who can help. This is where Project Empower will offer a supportive, kind hand, in any way needed, in any town or country.

Project Empower will be there to join together mentor and mentee, track their progress and celebrate their success.

So, at this stage in my life, this has become my passion and my life work. I feel that everything I have done up to this point has brought me to Project Empower, so from my side I can guarantee you that any help, support, ideas, sponsorship, promotion that you can offer will be matched 100 fold by my personal energy and passion. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. SB xx


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