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Painting of Sylvia Mac by Alistair Adams currently showing at The Mall Gallery, London.

Painting of Sylvia Mac by Alistair Adams currently showing at The Mall Gallery, London.

This week has been a busy one!

I’m so lucky to work with a host of brilliant people who I admire enourmously. I did a LIVE chat with Dr Sarah Jarvis about the importance of knowing your numbers (blood pressure) and Dr Shahzadi Harper about Menopause.

But my highlight of the week was being invited to chat with a friend of mine, Sylvia Mac on her first podcast entitled Survivors and Thrivors.

When I first met Sylvia 5 years ago, I was taken aback by her sparkly blue eyes, …when she allowed me to see them. I say that, because for the first couple of hours of being together, Sylvia didn’t look directly at me, she looked at the floor.

Sylvia had grown up in a body that she felt ashamed off. 80% of her body ws burnt in a terrible accident when she was a toddler.

This took a terrible toll on her confidence and self esteem. Along with her cousin Chris, (a dear friend of mine) we set about rebuilding her confidence.

I’m going to let Sylvia tell you her full stroy one day, but all I can say is, Sylvia is now my inspiration.

You know that you now see models with disabilities on the catwalk – Sylvia Mac did that!

You know you now see beauty products promoted by ‘perfect’ people with facial disfigurements – Sylvia Mac did that!

Not only has Sylvia changed her own life, she has suported and changed the lives of others who now love their disfigurements and celebrate their beautiful imperfections!

Sylvia asked if I would take part on her first Podcast called Survivors and Thrivors – I was proud as punch to say, ‘Yes Please!’

Visit Love Disfigure – a movement founded by Sylvia Mac HERE

SB xx

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