The British Transplant Games are Here!

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This week has been one of the most inspiring ever!
I was lucky enough to be asked to host the opening and closing ceremonies of The British Transplant Games, this year being held in Birmingham.

We had 724 transplant recipients, and their families and supporters all together in The Symphony Hall and the atmosphere was electric.

We also broke a Guinness World Record! For the number of transplant recipients we had gathered together.

But the hero’s of the hour where the living donors and the donor families. These are people whose generosity, kindness and love goes beyond anything that we could imagine. They have chosen to give life to another, at a time of deep grief. These are the people that should run our world. This is the moment that the donor recipients showed their love and appreciation to those that have given them life.

This is the moment all the donor recipients applauded the donor families and living donors. It speaks for itself xx

Posted by Sally Bee on Thursday, 2 August 2018

We had a special guest drop in to see us too!

Thank you Jasper Carrot for your wonderful words and kindness last night at The British Transplant Games opening ceremony.

Posted by Sally Bee on Friday, 3 August 2018

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