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You know when you think of the phrase – Reach Your Potential – what do you think of?

The first time it meant anything to me was 15 years ago when I suffered my first three heart attacks. And, looking back, it was the ability to visualise my potential that helped save my life.

I was 36 years old and, having three children under the age of five, meant my daily achievements consisted of getting out of the house without forgetting one of the kids in the garden, wearing matching shoes and remembering to clear the baby sick off my back! Of course, I loved life, but I wasn’t in control, it (or rather they) controlled me and I lived, for that time, in a happy bubble of oblivious mummydom.

So when drama, trauma and the dark and eerie end of my life looked me straight in the eye, all of a sudden everything changed. My life had to become all about me. I was so poorly I couldn’t be a mum, a wife or even a friend. Every ounce of energy I had went towards simply managing the next breath and surviving.

But I did recover….slowly. And I spent a lot of time in hospital daydreaming. About red lipstick. Really. I drove my mum and husband batty asking them to bring me said lippie. I was faintly aware that I should have been telling them how much I loved everyone but honestly all I could focus on was this blooming red make up. Why? Because even at that ealy stage in my survival and recovery it had come to represent my potential. Without that I had nothing. It was the most frightening period of my life.

I needed to see my life with energy and gusto and vitality. I not only needed to be able to find the strength to survive and keep breathing, but I needed to be able to see my potential with its hopes, dreams and desires all done with the vibrancy that my red lipstick represented.

If I had any chance of any future, it had to be with red lipstick. If I didn’t have enough energy to care about this one small thing, my fear was my future life would diminish into a pool of beige.


We all need to visualise our potential to be able to keep moving forward in our lives.

Your potential is one of the most important aspects of your life.

There is definite route to reaching your potential that is possible for us all.


Your life is not ruled by your conditions but by your decisions. We can’t always control events, environments and outside influences but we can always control how we react to them, how we let them make us feel, what meaning they have to us and ultimately what decisions we make because of them.


Is a bit like WI-FI. It’s invisible and you don’t quite understand it, but when you connect to it, it opens up the world and brings endless possibilities.

Self-belief is fed by certainty.


Actually visualising yourself in your future life, by going through the day in your mind, you will gain more certainty that you will be there, that you can be there, that it is right that you are there.

Hold onto that certainty because that is what feeds your self-belief and your self-belief will help you make the right decision.

Once you have this circle planted firmly in your mind, you can see your potential. Not only can you see it, you have lived a day of it in your mind and you know that everything fits perfectly for you so you have certainty. Because you have that certainty, you also are filled with self-belief – you are filled with self-belief that you are making the right decision in your life.

5 extra tips to consider when seeking out your potential

  • Me time is out – We time is in! Too much time alone isn’t helpful. We feed our ideas and future plans by sharing and listening. It’s sometimes easier to be at home alone, but don’t! Gather friends and colleagues and ignite conversations that will fuel your imagination for your future.
  • Looking outwards is healthier than looking too far inwards. In other words, don’t beat yourself up about past decisions that didn’t work out, look forwards to your future and the bigger picture.
  • Fear is a natural survival instinct that has been developed through evolution. So you will never stop the feeling of fear entering your mind, but because we no longer have to worry about getting eaten by a lion, we can safely push those fearful thoughts away and replace them with positive ones. It is impossible to feel fearful at the same time as feeling positive. You can learn to condition your mind to help you do this
  • Motion causes emotion. If you are struggling to think positive thoughts about your future, fake it till you make it! Putting on a physical smile, pushing your shoulders back and holding your head up high will immediately change your emotion into a more positive one. Try it!
  • Don’t let others drain your energy. If you have people in your life who try their hardest to suck out every ounce of positivity, re-think the relationship. Surround yourself with people that fuel your emotional fire.

Finally I urge you to remember one thing. If you want your life to be different, you can’t still keep doing the same things. Your tight rope will keep moving beneath your feet and you won’t get today again. So, I’m happily handing my red lipstick over to you!

SB x