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Perfectly Imperfect

Extract from 'Don't Go Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly'

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Besides her voice, Barbra Streisand is probably best known for her nose! And I know people often used to wonder why she never had it fixed.

This is what Barbra had to say about the topic over the years: “Well, first of all, I didn’t have the money to have my nose fixed — even if I had thought about it, which I did think about it. The real reason is I didn’t trust the doctors to make my nose right...I thought my nose went with my face, ya know, it’s all rather odd.”

Barbra talked about her nose when interviewed for PLAYBOY Magazine in 1977.

PLAYBOY: What is it, do you think, that makes your voice so special? STREISAND: My deviated septum. If I ever had my nose fixed, it would ruin my career.

PLAYBOY: Did you ever consider having it fixed?

STREISAND: In my earlier periods, when I would have liked to look like Catherine Deneuve, I considered having my nose fixed. But I didn’t trust anyone enough to fix it. If I could do it myself with a mirror, I would straighten my nose and take off that little piece of cartilage from the tip...See, I wouldn’t do it conventionally.

When I was young, everyone would say, “You gonna have your nose done?” It was like a fad, all the Jewish girls having their noses done every week at Erasmus Hall High School, taking perfectly good noses and whittling them down to nothing. The first thing someone would have done would be to cut my bump off. But I love my bump, I wouldn’t cut my bump off.

I think Silvana Mangano, the Italian actress, has the most beautiful nose there is. An incredible nose, Roman, bumpy, like from an old piece of sculpture. That’s what I consider beautiful. I certainly don’t like pug noses or little tiny noses.

... I do have a strange face. It changes so much from angle to angle. Sometimes I think I did look quite beautiful, and a lot of times I thought I looked really bad. It’s a shame. But on the other hand, I’m not going to cry over it. I’m trying to be in the moment, and I’m enjoying my life.”

If you are searching for perfection, you will never be content.
Who says what is perfect anyway?...

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