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This book is written from the heart for every woman, to share the important lessons in life that I, and others I respect and love, have learnt along the way. You might not be ready to hear some of this, you may already know plenty, but I hope that it will awaken your female soul, inspire your bravery and boldness, help you understand just how wonderful you are and be your guide in both difficult and wonderful times.


This book will give you just some of the life lessons that every woman from 18 to 81 needs to hear. 'Don’t Go Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly’ were the final words my mother passed on to me before she died. And now I pass them on to you.


Your life will be full of love and laughter, tears and heartache. They all matter in equal measure. My mum taught me the value of myself, how to find my strength through my weaknesses, to stand up for my beliefs and leave the past where it belongs. You don’t need to cut off your arm to know that it’s going to hurt, I’ve done it for you! Trust me, when I tell you that we all need a guardian angel, that can keep up with YOU.


Darling, this book is for you, your daughter, your mother, your sister, your friend. This is for the woman you hear crying next door and the friend who is stronger than she believes. This is for the girl that you once were and the woman that you will become. This is for your future child and your long-since gone grandmother. This book should be passed from kind hand to kind hand, and its journey should never end.



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Reader Reviews


‘Wow …. Wow … it should be every girls Go To Bible !!! Honestly, it made me cry, it made me laugh, it filled me with hope, positivity and an incredible urge to live life to the full, to be grateful for what I have, to tackle what is not so good, to clear out my knicker drawer and so, so much more!!  You just about covered everything!! I couldn’t put it down’


‘Your courage, your bravery is just awe-inspiring. Sally, you truly are the most amazing beautiful courageous woman both inside and out!’


‘I want to give a copy of your book to all my girlfriends as gifts and I want to keep a copy by my bedside - it’s a book I’d always want to refer to when I’m sad, lost or happy, to see me through!’


‘You so eloquently write, with honesty, bravery,  love, warmth and humour.  I loved it, I love you for sharing with us girlies, your life, your family, all your wisdom and courage, positivity and worldliness….’


‘EVERY WOMAN on earth should have the opportunity to read your book - truly inspiring’


‘Sally Bees’ story is startling in its impact’

The Guardian


‘A triumphant tale of survival against all odds’

The Express


‘As a human being and inspiration to us all, she is extraordinary’

Daily Mail



Don't Go Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly

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