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Everything you are experiencing as a brand owner, business owner, author, podcaster....I have also experienced. I have made many mistakes along my journey to get my books published, get on TV and to make a success of my passion... Now you don't have to.

I understand that you have turned your passion into your business and you can see what needs doing, but struggle to juggle. I know - I've been there. So, let me share with you the lessons I have learnt to get you and your brand seen and heard in the easiest, quickest and most effective way possible.

In this in-person masterclass, you'll discover the secrets to creating a strong and memorable brand that resonates with your audience. You will learn how to get YOU and your brand seen and heard in the press and TV! (For free!...You don't need to pay an expensive PR company)

Whether you are building YOU, your brand, your book, your podcast, your business or your service, there are ways to fine tune your logo, image and message and make sure the right audience get delivered the right message at the right time....which will, of course translate into sales/bookings/new customers!

I have been published by the global publishers....and now self publish.

I have worked for ITV Daytime...and now am producing my own series for Netflix.

I began speaking to a handful of latest talk was to 4000 people.

I'm not special - but you are. Join me and I'll show you how!

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