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Come over and join me on

The Sally Bee Method

Daily support to help you feel empowered, lose weight, step out of your own shadow & make friends!

Please join me in this  wonderfully supportive and inspiring community of women. We provide a vibrant and supportive space designed specifically for women who are navigating life transitions.

I believe that these moments of change provide unique opportunities for personal growth and empowerment. Through the power of consistent daily coaching and shared experiences, we all come together to embark on a journey to empower, uplift and inspire one another.

In this community, we celebrate resilience and the strength that comes from overcoming challenges. We recognise that life transitions can be both exciting and daunting and life can be lonely.

So join

The Sally Bee Method

to get access to free courses that will to help you on your weightloss journey and support you if you are struggling with depression and anxiety.

Join us to make new friends and share stories.

Join us to receive consistent daily life coaching delivered in the most personal way.

I am with you every weekday morning at 9am to give you realtime life coaching and set you up with tools and a smile for the day ahead.

So whether it's career changes, navigating retirement, relationships, embarking on new adventures, weightloss, menopause or friendship that’s missing from your life - come and join us on

The Sally Bee Method!
You’ll love it!

Sally Bee xx

The Sally Bee Method is a positive, consistent,

daily support system and members club to help you

Be The Best YOU!

Membership costs £20.00 per month

2 Free books worth £30 when you join!

You may cancel your membership at any time

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