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What Mama Wrote

Extract From Don't Go Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly

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I’m writing this book from my heart, and part of my heart belongs to the relationship I had with my mum, Jill.

(The title of this book actually comes from some of the last words my mum said to me before she passed)

Jill was a force of nature, with a big attitude driven by her desire for fun and independence. She was happily married to my dad for 45 years before she died at the age of 68. She was totally dedicated to him, but also to herself. And it is this gift that she handed down to me, and I hope to hand it down to you too.

No-one else is coming to fix you. You need to fix yourself.

Jill died far too young, it was tragic, but the legacy she left me gives me the strength to withstand anything that life throws at me.

Before she died Jill wrote a book about my life, as if speaking in my voice and these are some of her wonderful words...

“So, I’m Sally. I left school with a smile on my face and one and a half O’ levels in my pocket. Saying that I left school might suggest that I actually attended. That could be slightly overstating the case. I did sort of go, but not sort of on a too regular basis. Of course, I had to put in an appearance occasionally if only to keep one eye on the talent, and the other eye on the competition..."

You can read more in #Don'tGoFaster...

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