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Your Gift

Extract From Don't Go Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly

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"To be successful in your life you have to identify your gift. You have to pack it in a backpack with a pull cord, and jump with it strapped to your back!

Every successful woman that has ever lived, has, at some stage, decided to jump.

Life isn’t just about existing; you have got to feel alive! If you feel that you are just surviving, coasting, existing but not living, not thriving, then something has got to change and that change will include a jump.

Everyone has a gift. It might be singing or dancing, it might be talking, teaching, writing, painting, baking, inspiring, supporting, nursing, or driving. It might be cutting grass, growing trees, cutting hair, it might be sewing clothes or fixing cars. Your gift will be linked to your passion and everyone has one.

YOU have one.

If all you do is paint furniture, but you are the best furniture painter in the land, then this is your gift.


As a side note – the reason some people can’t find their gift is that they are busy wanting other people’s gifts. No! This has to be your gift!

Identify your own gift. Your own talent. Your own passion.

But you might not be using this gift to your life’s advantage right now.

You might feel that you are standing on the edge of a great life, but you feel stuck and you can see other people flying around you, succeeding, living their lives to the fullest, but you, you can’t get off the ground.

The only difference between you and those that have already jumped is that they have identified their gifts, loaded them up in their backpack and been bold enough to jump and know that their gift will support them. Their gift will help them soar.


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