About Sally Bee

Sally Bee is a presenter, writer and cook for ITV, a motivational speaker in health and well-being, author of six bestselling cookbooks and 5 times heart attack survivor. Sally is passionate about empowering women to live their best lives, no matter what challenges they face.

It was a hot summers day when 36 year old wife and mother of three young children suffered her first heart attack. She was to have two more within the week. Her husband was advised to say his goodbyes as the doctors told him not to expect his wife to survive the night.

As she fought for every second of her life, and the hours turned into days, Sally dared to ask the doctors if they thought she could live as long as ten years.

“Sally, if you can survive for ten years after this, then you can survive forever!”

Sally has lived by that message ever since.

In 2016 she suffered two more massive heart attacks, which amazingly again, her body helped her survive.

It’s true to say that some pretty powerful drugs are helping Sally’s heart continue to beat. But if Sally hadn’t eaten so healthily and been so aware of her own health potential
and practiced positive thinking, it is unlikely she would have survived any of her five heart attacks.

Whilst she was unaware she was about to have each one, her body did know, and because she was actually enjoying optimum health due to her mind-set and choices, her heart made
its own natural bypass so that when each heart attack happened and she had just the amount of output remaining to keep her alive.

Today it is good food choices, mindful positive thinking and movement that keep Sally healthy enough to lead a full and happy life.

Sally believes passionately that Food, Thought and Movement all hold the key to a long
and healthy life.


Sally is living proof that her approach works.

Sally Bee Heart attack


I love working with LoSalt, campaigning for people to “Season with Sense” and helping educate people to make informed choices for healthier lives.


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What is LoSalt?

2 natural mineral salts expertly blended for maximum flavour with minimum sodium.

LoSalt is a world leading reduced sodium salt. It delivers 66% less sodium than regular table, sea and rock salts without any taste compromise.

Salt is the biggest source of sodium in our diets. A small amount of sodium is vital to our survival, but because salt is often hidden in the food we eat, it’s very easy to consume more sodium than our bodies actually need.

Sally Bee Heart Research UK

Heart Research UK

Sally Bee is a long standing ambassador for Heart Research UK who fund pioneering medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease.

Check out their amazing work and help if you can.

Global Kidney Foundation

Sally Bee is a proud Trustee and Ambassador for the Global Kidney Foundation who's mission it is to relieve the sickness of people who suffer from kidney disease. They offer the provision of support, practical advice and recreational activities. Assistance in the provision of education among the general public and organisations on all aspects relating to kidney disease, prevention or management. They also promote awareness around organ donation especially in the BAME communities

Sally Bee, The Global Kidney Foundation

Daily Mail

“ As a human being and inspiration to us all, she is extraordinary ”

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The Guardian

“ Sally Bee’s story is startling in its impact ”

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Daily Express

“ A triumphant tale of survival against all odds ”

Scholars School System

 Sally Bee is proud to be a member of the executive board at Scholars School System, responsible for overseeing  students needs. Sally also provides health and wellbeing coaching to students and staff. 


The Scholars School System University College Centre, enables their students to achieve their maximum potential with strong support, integrity and love of learning. Scholars School System University College Centre a project of UK CURRICULUM & ACCREDITATION BODY (UKCAB) a registered charity in England & Wales (charity # 1153197) Established in 2006. 

Organ Donation

Sally is passionate about promoting organ donation.

"Please share your wishes with your loved ones. Just because you talk about what you want to happen after your death doesn't mean that you are going to die sooner! It just means that in the event of your death, your loved ones will be able to carry out your wishes in the knowledge that you loved them enough to discuss it with them"