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'Don't Go Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly'

This book is written from the heart for every woman, to share the important lessons in life that I, and others I respect and love, have learnt along the way. You might not be ready to hear some of this, you may already know plenty, but I hope that it will awaken your female soul, inspire your bravery and boldness, help you understand just how wonderful you are and be your guide in both difficult and wonderful times.

'Darling, this book is for you, your daughter, your mother, your sister, your friend. This is for the woman you hear crying next door and the friend who is stronger than she believes. This is for the girl that you once were and the woman that you will become. This is for your future child and your long-since gone grandmother. This book should be passed from kind hand to kind hand, and its journey should never end'

Also included, a personally written letter of love.

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Journal & Workbook

After the global success of Don’t Go Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly’ the must-read book for all women, comes this unique journal and workbook that will awaken your curiosity about who you REALLY are and give you the tools to step into your amazing future.


200 pages that take you on a journey of self-discovery to help you unravel your confusion, understand your past, fall back in love with your present and write a focused plan for YOUR future.

This journal and workbook is a life-changer!

Also included, a personally written letter of love.

Both Books - Bundle

The perfect gift or treat for yourself or someone special.

Both the original book and the journal & workbook will arrive signed and sealed with a kiss x

Also included, a personally written letter of love.

SAVING £5 on buying separately 



Original Book or Journal & Workbook

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The cost of joining is £20 per month and you can cancel at any time, so this is a great way to receive your copy of either of the #Don'tGoFaster books.

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