Ladies, break out of your old life and live the one you've been dreaming of!

Life is short, but the world is wide and I will help you find your new direction!

The Sally Bee Method is a unique members club that offers consistent, daily support, positivity, friendship and community unlike anything else for every woman who wants to LOSE WEIGHT, get their life back on track after illness, trauma, menopause… or simply life has taken it’s toll!

If you've got glitter running through your veins, you should be sparkling!


Hello, I'm Sally Bee
Let Me Help You

Having survived 5 heart attacks and struggled with depression and anxiety, I know just how important the right kind of support is, at the right time.

On The Sally Bee Method mobile app and website, you will get consistent, meaningful, daily, life coaching and support to help you make the most of everyday, get out of your rut, lose weight, gain confidence &  vitality and be the best you!


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Want To Lose Weight?

You will lose weight with The Sally Bee Method.

We all know how to lose weight, we need to eat less and move more! If only it was that simple! Sustainable weight-loss is fundamentally down to mastering your mindset. You need to start believing in yourself, and then your actions will be different.

I teach you how to get happier & healthier, and weight-loss is an easy to achieve side effect. I'm going to support you every single day with the '8am Club' LIVE coaching sessions to give you inspiration & directions for the day - everyday!

Most women lose 12lbs in the first 6  weeks of joining The Sally Bee Method


How You Deserve To Feel

Wonderful! You were designed to feel wonderful. 

It's true we cannot change what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it.

So, whatever your story, whatever you situation, whatever your illness  condition, status, job, I will help you feel better about you, your life, your health, your body and your future.

I will help you change the way you eat, the way you think and the way you move, so that your life is the best that it can possibly be even with it's challenges!

My favourite words are

Kindness & Equality

Waterside Women

Member's Benefits

The Sally Bee Method is like having your own, personal health & wellbeing coach with:

  • Exclusive recipes

  • Access to all courses

  • Podcasts, interviews, articles

  • Community & Friendship

  • Live coaching sessions

  • Topics to explore; Nutrition, Heart Health, Travel, Books, The Expert Patient, Mental & Emotional Health, Skin Care & Make-up, Mindfulness, Gratitude and Daily Positive Messages

Membership costs £10 / $13.99 per month

You can cancel at any time

FREE copy of

Beelicious Recipes & Wellness Journal

when you join.

Tell The World Your Story

Have you always wanted to write a book? Tell your story on TV? Stand up on stage and shout about your experiences?

Would you like to host your own podcast, or be a guest on one?

Part of The Sally Bee Method is allowing the glitter in your veins to sparkle!

Sally is currently writing book

No #7 entitled


and she is inviting you to join her, to tell your story and be a part of this next amazing chapter (in print and on TV) in Sally's life!


Inside the App, we have regular masterclasses on learning how to fine tune your story and tell it so that the world listens!

Monika Wess

'You promised me 12lbs weight loss in 6 weeks. I have lost 15lbs!

After years of silly diets, you have changed my life!

Thank you Sally Bee x'

Tina Wild

Honest, direct, positive and non-judgemental. Fabulous ideas and options on how to tackle emotional and eating issues you may have. Lovely lady who herself has been on a stressful health journey. She is an inspiration to us all. 

Sandra Curry

'I've followed Sally for 3 years now. The weight loss course is a lifestyle change and leaves you feeling fit and healthy, with an amazing positive attitude. I can't recommend it enough'

Anne Russell

Sally's course is worth it's weight in gold. It absolutely works, not only to lose weight , but to  change the way you think about food. The course offers so much more, builds self esteem and enables you to take control.