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I didn't suffer 5 heart attacks, I survived them.

My next miracle breath, marked the start of a new, wonderful and adventurous life.

I believe that although we can't control everything that happens to us, we can definitely control how we react to it.

Life may be short but the world is wide, and we should all feel as happy, healthy and empowered as possible, every single day.

SB xx

'Life Unlimited'

The Talk That Will Change Your Life

(turn the volume up)

 This is a 60 minute mind-blowing yet relatable talk that Sally Bee delivers to groups and businesses that will change the lives of those who listen.  Speaking from her life experience of surviving the unsurvivable and developing her own healthy lifestyle, this talk will inspire greater health, empower better resilience and mental fitness. Sally teaches, in the space of just an hour, how to genuinely reduce stress and take back control of food, thoughts and movements to achieve a happier, healthier and more successful life

This is the must-see life-changing talk for 2022