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The Sally Bee Method
Daily support to help you feel empowered, lose weight, step out of your own shadow & make friends!

TV Presenter, Keynote Speaker, Health & Wellbeing Coach and Author

The Sally Bee Method

New Year Weightloss Challenge

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Ladies, do you feel, fat, frumpy and fed-up?

Would you like 2024 to be the year you regain everything you feel you've lost?

Illness, upset, the menopause or just simply life can affect us all...but you were designed to feel great and look amazing.

I can help you, along with my amazing community of friendly, sassy, wonderful ladies in the same position as you.

Daily friendship, support and coaching is waiting on the other side of this button...Come on over and take a look!

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'Don't Go Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly'

This book is written from the heart for every woman, to share the important lessons in life that I, and others I respect and love, have learnt along the way. You might not be ready to hear some of this, you may already know plenty, but I hope that it will awaken your female soul, inspire your bravery and boldness, help you understand just how wonderful you are and be your guide in both difficult and wonderful times.

'Darling, this book is for you, your daughter, your mother, your sister, your friend. This is for the woman you hear crying next door and the friend who is stronger than she believes. This is for the girl that you once were and the woman that you will become. This is for your future child and your long-since gone grandmother. This book should be passed from kind hand to kind hand, and its journey should never end'

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