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My New Book!

'Don't Go Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly' is written from the heart for every woman, to share the important lessons in life that I, and others I respect and love, have learnt along the way. Our lives are full of love, laughter, tears and heartache, and they all matter in equal measure.

Darling this book is for you, your daughter, your mother, your sister, your friend. This is for the woman you hear crying next door and the friend who is stronger than she believes. This is for the girl that you once were and the women that you will become. This is for your future child and your long since gone grandmother. This book should be passed from kind hand to kind hand and it's journey should never end.

Online Courses to Change Your Life

The next 5 week course
to help will get unstuck, leave your past history behind,
reinvent, repurpose and redefine who you really are.
Starting date:

Monday 3rd April - SOLD OUT
Tuesday 18th April - 10 places available
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