The Sally Bee Method

The Sally Bee Method

THE health & wellness daily coaching group for women

£10.00 / $13.99 per month. 7 day free trial

Consistent, daily support, positivity, friendship and community unlike anything else for every woman 40+ who wants to get their life back on track after illness, trauma, menopause… or simply life has taken it’s toll!

The Sally Bee Method offers you:

  • Meaningful ‘daily positive‘ guidance videos to help you set your mind each and every day
  • Weekly LIVE coaching sessions covering the topics you want to cover and giving us a chance to chat with each other
  • Access to all health and wellbeing courses at no extra cost including 6 Week Weightloss Course and 14 day Depression & Anxiety Course. More courses being added over the coming weeks
  • Podcasts, recordings, interviews, offers, get togethers, kindness, information, friendship, support & healthy recipes
  • Help with sleep, confidence, stress & anxiety, menopause, illness recovery and anything else that matters to us all!
  • The Sally Bee Method is available on the website or App via the app store for both iphones and android phones.

The cost of membership is £10 per month (which equates to $13.99 …we mention this because payment is initially taken in USD – but will be converted by your bank to GBP)


10lbs lost so far-I’m so pleased! I no longer crave food in the evening and my anxiety and self esteem are being helped thanks to Sally and this wonderful group!
'Sally is an inspiration. She really makes me get up and go. Joining her group is the best choice I ever made'
'I found Sally because of my health but can't believe how much happiness this whole experience has brought me'
'Just caught up with sally. I've 9500 steps & lots of fruit and veg. She makes me feel so positive. Certainly helps when I'm surrounded by negativity'
'I can't thank you enough for opening my eyes to a better life'
'Sally has been my anti-depressant for nearly 3 years. I have so much respect for her'
I wasn't going to weigh myself this morning - but I did, I'VE LOST 8LBS IN A WEEK!!
I weighed myself and 6lbs lost! I had to go back upstairs to check! Thank you Sally


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Preheat the oven to 180 ̊C. Open out the ready rolled puffed pastry and cut